pediatrician nutley njEvery parent wants the best for their child, especially when it comes to their child’s health and well being. Drs. Maria Turizo, and Barry Prystowsky have a combined experience of over 50 years. 

They deliver care in a warm and personal way. They listen to your concerns, have flexible hours for working parents, and answer their phone calls after hours.

Integral Care Pediatrics offers high-quality health care for families. Are you looking for a pediatrician in Nutley, NJ? If so, Dr. Barry Prystowsky, Dr. Maria Turizo, and the rest of the friendly team at Integral Care Pediatrics are happy to help.

Every parent wants the best for their kids, which means that taking care of their health and wellbeing is a top priority. To ensure that your child stays in the best possible state of health, Integral Care Pediatrics provides both excellent treatment and healthcare advice for your family. 

Integral Care Pediatrics – Highly Experienced Pediatricians Nutley, NJ

As a parent herself, and a pediatrician, Dr. Turizo from Integral Pediatrics understands how distressing it can be for parents if their child is unwell. When you bring your child along to Integral Care Pediatrics in New Jersey, you can be sure that you will receive a compassionate, caring approach from the team to help put you at your ease. Drs. Prystowsky and Turizo will take the time to listen to your concerns and give you and your child the care and attention that you deserve during your appointment.

Dr. Prystowsky is a highly experienced pediatrician offering high-quality medical care to families in Nutley, New Jersey, and the surrounding area. Dr. Prystowsky has provided medical care to the Nutley, NJ community for over 30 years, so you can be sure that your child will receive an excellent quality of care with the benefit of Dr. Prystowsky’s decades of experience. 

As well as being a highly-experienced pediatrician, Dr. Prystowsky is a respected advocate of public health issues, having initiated many public health policies during his long medical career. Dr. Prystowsky is passionate about children’s health and wellbeing, which has led to him co-founding the Children’s Emergency Medical Fund of New Jersey, along with the New Jersey Pediatric Society. When you book an appointment to see Drs. Prystowsky and Turizo, you can be assured that you will be seen by an experienced professional, dedicated to the health and wellbeing of families.


Pediatric Healthcare Services

Here is the comprehensive range of services available at Integral Care Pediatrics Nutley, NJ:

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Welcoming and Friendly Nutley, NJ Pediatrician

pediatrician nutley njAlong with offering the highest level of healthcare to their patients, Drs. Prystowsky and Turizo also aim to make your family’s visit to Integral Care Pediatrics as pleasant as possible. Integral Care Pediatrics understands that a visit to the doctor’s office can sometimes be a source of anxiety for both children and their parents. To overcome this, Integral Care Pediatrics has created a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for families visiting the doctor’s office to put them at ease.

 Kids will love the colorful, bright decoration Drs. Pystowsky and Turizo have created at Integral Care Pediatrics. Kids will appreciate the fun, colorful artwork on the walls that greet them as soon as they enter the building, and that continues throughout both the sick and well waiting rooms. The bright color scheme creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere to make family trips to the doctor’s office an enjoyable experience.

 Pediatric Care Throughout Your Child’s Ages and Stages at Integral Pediatrics

Whether you have a newborn baby, or an adolescent or a young adult, Integral Care Pediatrics can take care of their healthcare needs. Drs. Prystowsky and Turizo can provide advice, treatment, and a full range of services throughout childhood and into early adulthood. Pediatric care at Integral Care Pediatrics is available for children and young people from birth, right through to young adults aged 21 years. 

The continuity of care extending throughout childhood and beyond means that Drs. Prystowsky and Turizo can gain a thorough understanding of your child’s health and wellbeing. This level of knowledge of your child’s health is reassuring for both parents and children when they visit the doctor’s office. 

Whatever age or stage your child is currently at, you can be sure that the team at Integral Care Pediatrics will offer them the very best healthcare service, delivered with compassion.

Why Choose Integral Care Pediatrics for Your Child’s Healthcare Needs?

 Drs. Prystowsky and Turizo pride themselves on the caring, friendly service that they provide to families in Nutley, NJ. Along with offering a comprehensive range of services, Integral Care Pediatrics also offers high-quality, convenient care to make life easier for families. 

Here are some of the many reasons that patients choose Drs. Prystowsky and Turizo for their children’s pediatrician care in Nutley, NJ: 

  • Same Day ‘Sick’ Visit appointments are available.
  • Guidance and direction can be provided for both new and experienced parents.
  • Parents can contact by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Immunizations service.
  • Sports physicals are available.
  • School physicals are available.
  • All insurances are accepted.
  • Care is provided for children aged from birth right through to young adults aged 21 years old.
  • Well visit appointments from birth to 21 years old available.
  • Care coordination for children with special needs.
  • Welcoming, child-friendly environment.
  • Separate ‘well’ and ‘sick’ waiting areas.
  • Highly-experienced Nutley, NJ pediatrician.

Podcasts and Video

Courageous Doctors Podcast – Listen Here!

Pioneers and Heroes is the brainchild of Patrick Mirucki and Barry S. Prystowsky, M.D. The public needs to be informed about the new healthcare law (Obamacare) and other health safety issues.

The show will be streamed every month through the Broadband Box Office network. The show will include news & info on Obamacare, Homeland Security,  and Health Safety Issues. Additionally, only Courageous Doctors will consist of an interview with a journalist about a health topic of interest and highlights from the Essex County Medical Society, to name a few of the health segments we are developing for future shows.

Randi Lupo Show


Randi talks with Nutley, New Jersey pediatrician Dr. Barry Prystowsky about Kawasaki disease and Covid19.

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