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child vision screenings njIdentify vision disorders in your child to prevent problems in the future

Did you know that vision screening is one of the most important ways you can look after your child’s eyesight and safeguard their development? 

Making sure that everything is okay with their eyes ensures that your son or daughter follows the ideal developmental path, setting them up for a bright future.

What Do Vision Screenings Look For? 

Our vision screenings here in Nutley, NJ, seek to identify common and not-so-common eye disorders in children and can be used alongside newborn care, infant care, and annual physicals. With the proper diagnosis, we apply early interventions to give your child the best start in life. We look for conditions such as poor vision in one eye, misalignment of the eyes, refractive error (a condition that requires glasses) and a range of other ocular abnormalities. 

Subject And Objective Screening

At our practice, we perform two types of vision screenings for children: subjective and objective. 

Subjective screening relies on the child participating in the tests, telling the pediatrician what they can see, and what they can’t. Usually, these tests involve measuring their visual acuity by showing them objects from a distance. We test each eye, in turn, to see whether they perform differently. 

Objective screening does not rely on any feedback from the child at all. Instead, we use devices such as autorefractors and photo screens. This equipment lets us test for poor vision and take images of the light reflected off the pupil. 

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