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Here at Integral Pediatrics, we know how vital your child’s health is. Children see the world differently from adults, and this includes doctors surgeries. At Integral Pediatrics, we aim to make your child as relaxed as possible when they visit us. Our specially designed surgery is wholly geared towards children. When they visit us, they will be greeted with happy smiling faces and fun, eye-catching decor. Our aim is to reduce any fears and worries they have about visiting the doctor.

At Integral Pediatrics, our experienced team of paediatricians and supporting staff will do everything that they can to create a welcoming environment for you and your child or children. Our extensive training is to the highest standards, and our years of experience will help us meet all of your medical needs as we look to build long-lasting relationships with patients, parents and guardians. No matter the issue, we will be on hand to discuss any concerns you or child might be having and the options that are available to you.

Our friendly team is on hand to help you with any of your child’s medical needs and can be contacted by phone twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week should you have any issues or queries.

Our services include physical examinations, routine vaccinations, camp physicals, sports physicals and the full range of pediatric services that you would expect from paediatricians in Nutley, NJ.

sports physicals njPediatric Services at Integral Pediatrics Nutley NJ

We aim to offer you a variety of healthcare care services for your child from birth through to adulthood. These include: 

As well as offering the routine annual physical exams for your child, Integral Pediatrics is now able to provide you with Camp Physicals and Sports Physicals as required.

Camp Physicals Nutley, NJ

If you are looking to send your child away to camp for the summer, due to the current COVID-19 PANDEMIC, making sure your child is free from COVID-19 before they go to the residential camp of your choosing can help to put your mind at ease for the duration of their stay. It makes sense that your child will not be able to fulfil their reservation should they be exhibiting symptoms related to COVID-19 or if they have a positive test with or without symptoms.

We can give your child a full physical exam before they leave for camp to make sure they are going healthy and can make the most of their time away without any health worries. 

Be confident your child is ready for their camp stay by discussing any concerns you or your child might have and let us take care of your child’s health by having a full camp physical before they head off this summer.

Sports Camp Physicals Nutley, NJ

Enrolling in team sports in the Fall is something many children look forward to when they go back to school. Joining a team and becoming part of something can be an exciting but physically punishing time. There is no denying the impact sports injuries can have on children, and no one wants an unexpected injury to cut their time playing sports short. Integral Pediatrics is now able to offer your child a physical assessment before they head to school this Fall. We can put your mind at rest as we go through a thorough and intensive evaluation of your child’s physical health.

Keep your child healthy before, during and after their training this Fall, by making sure they are physically fit thanks to having a sports physical before they try out for the team. It does not matter what sport they choose to play, whether it is football, soccer, swimming, swimming, cheerleading or more. Our sports physical can help your child stay in peak physical condition for the season by identifying any issues beforehand.

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