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hearing screenings njRoutine hearing tests are very important for newborn babies and young children to identify any problems early in their development.

Serious hearing problems during childhood are quite rare. But early testing ensures that any problems are picked up as quickly as possible and managed correctly. 

Why Are Hearing Tests So Important For My Child?

Hearing tests carried out soon after birth can help identify most babies with significant hearing loss. If your baby was not tested at the hospital, or you suspect there may be a problem with their hearing, it is very important to have them tested as soon as possible. 

Testing later in childhood can pick up any problems that have been missed or have been slowly getting worse. It will also help pick up on problems caused by infections, trauma, loud noises, and later developmental problems. So make sure to have your children tested every few years.

Why Now? 

It’s important to identify hearing problems as early as possible because they can affect your child’s speech and language development, as well as social skills and educational experience. 

Treatment is more effective if any problems are detected and managed accordingly early on. And with advice and guidance, your child’s care and development can be managed. 

Hearing loss may be more common in children who:

  • are born prematurely
  • stayed in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
  • had newborn jaundice with bilirubin level high enough to require a blood transfusion
  • were given medications that can lead to hearing loss
  • has family members with childhood hearing loss
  • had certain complications at birth
  • had many ear infections
  • had infections such as meningiti or cytomegalovirus
  • was exposed to very loud sounds or noises, even briefly

If any of these factors apply to you or your child, book a test now. 

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