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allergies testing treatment njProtect your child from the consequences of allergies, now and in the future

Allergies can develop at any age, but more often than not, they first begin in childhood. Unfortunately, childhood allergies can, in many cases, be more than a nuisance. Many are dangerous, and some are life-threatening. 

Here at Integral Care Pediatrics in Nutley, NJ, we offer a variety of testing and treatments to determine whether or not your child has an allergy. Our services cover the gamut of allergy types, giving you a comprehensive picture of your child’s status. 

Remember, the sooner you identify allergies in your children, the better. If your child has an upset stomach, itchy eyes, coughing, sneezing, running nose, skin rashes, or trouble with breathing, bring them to our clinic for a full evaluation. With our help, you can get to the bottom of the problem fast and improve their quality of life. 

What To Expect

Visits with us start with a consultation. We’ll talk about when you first noticed your child’s symptoms and their medical history. If your child is currently on medication, we may ask that you take them off it (or wait until they can stop using it) before coming for more tests. 

Based on your description of the symptoms, we then design a range of tests based on likely allergens. Sometimes, we might look for just a handful of candidate allergens, and at others, dozens. 

To test for specific reactions, we use a variety of techniques:

  • Skin prick test. The skin prick test is a standard procedure to observe the body’s response to common allergen compounds. This test works by pricking the skin with a needle containing a tiny dose of the allergen. We then wait and see how the body reacts. If your child has an allergy to a substance, their skin will rise in a large red bump. 
  • Intradermal test. Intradermal tests are similar in concept but place a small amount of the allergen slightly under the skin. We use this test if we suspect that your child has an allergy to penicillin or insect venom
  • Blood test. Blood tests require the use of a syringe to draw blood from your child’s body. We then send it off to the lab to evaluate the level of antigens in the system. Raised antigen levels are usually the sign of an allergy. 
  • Food challenge tests. Food challenge tests are a way to determine whether your child has a food allergy. Usually, we use these in conjunction with blood and skin tests to see whether your child has outgrowth an allergy or not. 

Get Your Child Tested For Allergies Today

If you suspect that your child might have an allergy and would like to find out more, then get in touch with us today to arrange an appointment. We can carry out our allergies testing and treatment in Nutley, NJ, on children of any age. Use us today to get peace of mind and protect your child from unpleasant reactions in the future. 

We also provide the following services for children: 

Other Services

Some of the other services we offer include:

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